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Luca Silvestrini talks to Graham Watts about 21 years of Protein in the September 2020 issue of Dancing Times.

The feature titled Waking up from a dream is developed from Luca’s Facebook Live conversation with Graham, broadcasted in June 2020. Watch this now as part of our Protein 21 Reflect series. 

In the interview, Luca offers insight into his life, work and relationship with performers, collaborators and subject matters.

“I react to what is happening around me, and usually each piece comes from personal concern, often something that has affected my life directly. Everything is co-devised with the performers and there is something autobiographical for each of us inside every work. I’m motivated by a desire to amplify what concerns me and I bring in people who are also passionate about these same issues.”
Luca Silvestrini

Read Protein’s feature in the Dancing Times. 

Protein 21 Reflect zones in on people who have been associated with Protein since the start.
Click here to hear their stories.

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