Reflect – David Massingham

David Massingham, former CEO and Artistic Director of DanceXchange and founder of its resident dance company Bare Bones, reflects on his long and lustrous history with Protein. 

From programming Protein’s Publife in 2002 through to commissioning and producing the very first (In)visible Dancing in Birmingham for Birmingham International Dance Festival 2010, there have been lots of great collaborations and memories along the way! 

“Bare Bones and Protein have shared many dancers over the years and I’m really proud of that association. I hope that we’ve helped to make a really great dance force for the UK today.”

Thank you David for this unique and outstanding partnership we are so proud of.

Protein 21 Reflect zones in on people who have been associated with the company since the start.

Photo by Ed Moore of (In)visible Dancing, 2010


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