Reflect – Omar Gordon

Reflecting from Athens, our next featured artist is Omar Gordon

Omar reflects on his relationship with Luca and Protein and his growth as a performer during his years performing in some of the company’s most acclaimed works B for Body, Ride and LOL (lots of love).

“We toured all over the world which was an absolute honour…we would be performing one day in Moscow, in Russia, and the next day, we’re in the Palestinian territories then in Tunisia and then back to the UK. It was wonderful.”

Don’t miss Omar Gordon in Ride as part of The Wapping Project Double Bill happening right now for free! Ends at midnight on Sunday 29 November.

“Vivid storytelling… astounding piece of work.”
  The Reviews Hub on Ride

Thank you Omar for sharing your memories and for your outstanding work through the years!

Protein 21 Reflect zones in on people who have been associated with the company since the start. Watch more Reflects here.

Omar’s headshot by Rudi Vito Gordon


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