Reflect – Pauline Huguet

Dance artist Pauline Huguet reflects on her history with Protein from the beautiful Lake Geneva.

From performing for two years in Big Sale, assisting Luca in the participatory production of Valfresco in Valencienne, France to leading the community casts of Dear Body.

Pauline was also involved in Big World Dance and in Dancing Hospital, Protein’s first residency at Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

“The years with Protein and working very intimately with Luca have really shaped me as an artist. Not only as a performer but also as a creator, as a leader, as a teacher, as a director and as a collaborator because he taught me how to collaborate.”

Thank you Pauline for the wonderful years with Protein!

Protein 21 Reflect zones in on people who have been associated with the company since the start.

Photo by Roswitha Chesher of Protein’s Dancing Hospital.


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