Reflect – Sonoko Chishiro

Hear from Sonoko Chishiro as we fly to Japan for this week’s Reflect!

Back in 2014-15, Sonoko, who trained as a dancer at Rambert School, took on the role of Luca’s assistant and translator for Protein’s intergenerational work Crossroads.

Adapted for and with the people of the beautiful Onsen town of Kinosaki, Crossroads (commissioned by Japan Contemporary Dance Network with support from the British Council) was created and performed to an enthusiastic audience at Kinosaki International Arts Center on 26-27 June 2015. 

We take this opportunity to celebrate all who took part and everyone who made this wonderful, life affirming project come to life.

Thanks Sonoko for all your extraordinary support and all the best with the exciting work you have been developing with the dancing community of Kinosaki.

Protein 21 Reflect zones in on people who have been associated with the company since the start.

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