Reflect – Thomas Goodwin

This week’s Protein 21 Reflect celebrates our wonderful Tom Goodwin and his ten years with the company. 

Performer and dance artist, Tom, has played a massive part in the development of Protein’s participatory and educational work; from Crossroads to There and Here (a piece inspired by the participants’ own stories in collaboration with Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants) to several performance projects with students in alternative provision schools. 

Tom has also performed in To The Bone and created one of the most distinctive and loving characters in (In)visible Dancing

“I have a warm spot in my heart for Luca’s perseverance, energy and vision for touching projects that are warm-hearted and often amusing and I think stick in people’s minds and hearts for a long, long time.” 

Thank you Tom for all your caring and inspiring work.

Protein 21 Reflect zones in on people who have been associated with the company since the start.


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