Protected: This is Us

We are thrilled to share This is Us, Protein’s dance film created with and performed by students from New Directions PRU and Protein dance artists.

Part of Luca Silvestrini’s Protein’s Real Life, Real Dance participation programme and created over a three-week intensive creation period for young people attending an alternative provision school, the film is influenced by Protein’s Border Tales, exploring themes of multiculturalism and identity.

Feedback from New Directions PRU:

“I have learnt teamwork. Working with others, trying out new things. Meeting new people and some good exercises that is really good for the body and mental health. I also learnt to respect others and their opinions. Also, the biggest thing I’ve learnt is to not listen to other people’s opinions and just be yourself.”
Year 10 student

“An incredible opportunity for young people, It was a chance for them to prove how important they are within the community and allowed them to use their good qualities (respect, teamwork, patience) for a positive reason. It allowed them to realise how their amazing qualities go a long way.”
Staff member 

Watch This is Us here:

This is Us was created as part of JOIN THE DOCKS and supported by the Royal Docks Team.

Filmed at The Silver Building, The Crystal Gardens, Royal Victoria Dock Bridge and other locations in the Royal Docks, London Borough of Newham in May 2021.

Luca Silvestrini’s Protein and New Directions would like to give enormous thanks to all the participants who have been part of the creative process. Special thanks to, all the New Directions support staff, Calvin, Steve, Annette and Sabah and mentor David, as well as Alex and all the team at Join the Docks, Efahne Bissessur, Emily Gunn, Dani at House of Mass, Adam and Joel at Silver Building and Molly at East London Dance.

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