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Over the last 21 years, Protein has developed a unique voice in the dance sector for bringing together people of all ages and walks of life in high quality, large scale projects and productions that challenge participants’ preconceptions of one another and audience’s ideas about what dance can be and who it is for.

Luca Silvestrini has gained an international reputation for his inclusive and transformative approach to dance for everyone; his mass participatory events and professional stage and off stage productions have literally brought entire communities on stage.

Protein 21

Marking Protein’s 21st birthday in 2020 with a three-part thematic programme:
Reimagine, Reflect and Remix


In response to the current tendency to separate age groups, Protein’s intergenerational performance projects provide an opportunity to share experiences and cultures across generations with the ultimate goal of creating an understanding about who we are and what we know about the others.

Turning the physical and experiential challenges of a cross-generational project into significant instruments of social cohesion and theatrical beauty, we brought communities closer to dance as both participants and audiences.

Since Creola (2000)  to Alfresco (2005), and via the different Crossroads editions, Luca has developed an open format where personal stories, cultural traits and local traditions have made every production a unique and relevant live painting of a locality and its people.

Project history:

2016 – Generate, Wadebridge (Cornwall), part of Salt Festival
2015 – Crossroads, Kinosaki (Japan)
2012 – Dimore, Turin (Italy), part of Co-dance
2011 – Cruïlles, Barcelona (Spain)
2011 – Crossroads, London, part of GDIF
2007 – Valfresco, Valenciennes (France)
2007 – Stavrodromi, Athens (Greece)
2005 – Alfresco, Leeds, part of Dansopolis
2000 – Creola, Polverigi (Italy), part of Inteatro

People Dancing Together

People Dancing have commissioned Protein to create and lead on their new large-scale mass performance programme, People Dancing Together.

Developed in association with the British Council and their Connecting Classrooms global education initiative plus a network of Higher Education Institutions, it offers Protein the opportunity to build both our digital content and our International profile.

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