Recorded on Facebook Live
on 10 June 2020



Watch: Luca Silvestrini reflect with Graham Watts

Luca Silvestrini reflects on his 21 year history as co-founder and Artistic Director of Protein with Graham Watts OBE Chairman, Dance Section of Critics’ Circle & National Dance Awards.

Gain insight into Luca’s life, work and relationship with performers, collaborators and subject matters. An opportunity to discover what made Protein what it is today.

“Luca’s unique brand of dance theatre, mixing humour with heavy-hitting themes, has been at the cutting edge of contemporary dance for the past two decades.” 
Graham Watts

The conversation is part of Protein 21 which marks the company’s 21st anniversary in 2020 with a three-part thematic programme: Remix, Reflect and Reimagine.


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