Thursday 28 July 2022
De Montford University, Leicester
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People Dancing
0116 253 3453

People Dancing in the Summer

Join Luca for a day of workshops titled People, Places and Unusual Spaces.

Luca will encourage connection between people and place, whether for intimate or large-scale participatory performance – whatever the weather! It will begin with viewings and discussion of Protein’s many projects in unusual spaces, unpacking the artistry, organisation, negotiation and teamwork it takes to make them a reality.

People Dancing in the Summer is a unique professional development opportunity for dance artists and practitioners at De Montfort University, Leicester. This three-day event offers practical courses providing learning and skills development, connection with peers and time for reflection. There will also be optional morning classes, evening online panel sessions, lunchtime performances, and opportunities to network – all designed to enrich your experience.

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