Athens Video Dance Project
18-20 December 2020

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Support artists during these difficult times

Watch: The Sun Inside
at Athens Video Dance Project

The Sun Inside continues its travels to Athens, Greece!

Stream online for free from 10am, Friday 18 December to 10pm, Sunday 20 December 2020

Capturing the importance of sunlight during the first lockdown period, 152 contributors from around the world shared ‘The Sun Inside’ their homes for Protein’s new dance film.

Protein is delighted to have been selected to present amongst such a great collection of works at the 11th Athens Video Dance Project. 70 short, medium and long-length works from 20 countries will be screened, orchestrating a creative platform of innovative works and highlighting synergies between different art disciplines. 

Read the festival’s full programme here

Now, more than ever, video contribution to the various art forms is crucial. The age we live in highlights and promotes modern technology as an expressive tool. New media provide new possibilities for artists, offering them an endless field of exploration and creation.”
Athens Video Dance Project

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