Border Tales (2013)

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Border Tales is a punchy yet poignant commentary on multicultural Britain using dance, live music and dialogue compiled from the performers’ personal experiences.

Treated with trademark physical and verbal wit, Border Tales, looks at multi-cultural living in the UK seen through the eyes of the characters on stage. Luca Silvestrini turns his sharply satirical gaze to stereotypical thinking, tolerance and where lines are drawn between ‘them’ and ‘us’.

Seated in the round to bring the audience closer to the action, a cast of international dancers and local performers entertained and provoked with an amusing yet poignant look at how we perceive ourselves and each other.

Running time: 95 minutes

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"The whole thing is superbly staged and performed."
The Telegraph
"Excellently performed by a multi-talented, international cast, Border Tales is a big, brave, cacophonous attempt to show what it means to live in multicultural Britain today."
The Guardian
"Through explosions of rumbustious movement and continuous text, compiled from interviews and the dancers’ personal experiences, Protein shares with us stories and scenarios that make us laugh, cringe and reflect."
London Dance
Seven Protein Dancers from Border Tales on a white stage. They are stood in diagonal line and are attached by physical contact on different body parts.


Stuart Waters

Salah El Brogy

Kenny Wing Tao Ho

Stephen Moynihan

Femi Oyewole

Yuyu Rau

Anthar Kharana

Eryck Brahmania

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