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Border Tales is a punchy yet poignant commentary on multicultural Britain using dance, live music and dialogue compiled from the performers’ personal experiences.

Border Tales looks at our country, seen through the eyes of an international cast and gazes satirically on stereotypical thinking and migrant outsiders. Originally created in 2013 and presented in the round, Border Tales was brought back ‘front-end’ in  2016 for the BBC World Service and in 2017 it was presented at Edinburgh Fringe, in what we now know as a ‘post-Brexit’ Britain.

Border Tales focuses on the space between “us” and “them”, with a story told by six party-goers and their host. With an engaging blend of dance, dialogue and live music, the result is a funny, honest and sometimes discomforting commentary on stereotypical thinking and casual racism, portraying Britain as a place where the novelty of cultural diversity has worn off, fusion is starting to taste bland and harmonious living has become rather tricky.

“The desire to bring back this piece of work created in 2013 comes primarily from the moment we are living in…I feel it is important to bring back these simple yet relevant tales of migration and identity, to both remember the past and to reflect about today.” Luca Silvestrini

Running time: 75 minutes

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‘A bold, visceral dynamic attempt to show the lives of multicultural Britain today'
North West End
"Funny, thought-provoking and consistently entertaining, Border Tales celebrates our differences, acknowledges our sameness and does more to repair the rifts than politics ever could."
The Scotsman
‘Surrounded by timpani of all shapes and sizes (Anthar Kharana) creates sounds of heartbreaking beauty and savage excitement.’
Sunday Express
The musician from Protein's Border Tales plays the drums. In the foreground Protein dancers are jumping in the air.
Protein Dancers from Border Tales stand in a diagonal line with their arms attached. They kick their right legs in the air with a flexed foot.
Andy from Protein's Border Tales wears a blue denim shirt and beige chinos. He is pointing towards the camera with his right hand.
A stage shot from Protein's Border Tales. A dancer in a burgundy t-shirt and beige balloon trousers is being pulled in opposite directions. There is a woman wearing a black flowery dress and a yellow cardigan pulling him towards the back of the stage.
The spotlight is on male dancer in Protein's Border Tales. He has head tilted to the right hand side. He holds eye contact with a female dancer in a yellow cardigan that stands opposite him. Her head sis tilted to the let. The background is black.
Six Protein Dancers from Protein's Border Tales


Temitope Ajose-Cutting

Eryck Brahmania

Stephen Moynihan

Yuyu Rau

Kenny Wing Tao Ho

Anthar Kharana

Andrew Gardiner

Salah El Brogy

Luke Murphy

Valerie Ebuwa

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Devised by the original cast with
Music composed by
Additional music by
Lighting design
Costume stylist
Assistants to the Director
Production Manager
Sound Engineer
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