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Created during a month long residency in Marche’s rural villages of Polverigi and Rustico, Italy, Creola celebrated the memories of the local community through past and present forms of social dancing.

The cast of 31 people, aged between 9 and 79, was found and put together during a series of interviews at their homes, work places and dancing occasions. As memories started to come out, and early resistances transformed into curiosity and enthusiasm, the idea of the event came to life.

In the middle of the village public park, as if gathering for a dance night, the performers mix dances with memories of war and childhood. As the everyday continues to run – some play cards, some visit the hairdresser and someone demonstrates how to make fresh pasta – the social dancing keeps going and going ending with the audience joining in in a spontaneous celebration of dance for all.

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"With Creola, Festival Inteatro rediscovers the people...Creola revives memories and nostalgias of the community, with a daring, affectionate show"
Corriere Adriatico
“During a month long search for dramatic content and for people ready to embody it, Luca Silvestrini and Bettina Strickler re-visit one of the lesser known epic moments of our times mixing references from cinema, literature and painting”
Il Resto del Carlino

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Tour History

Teatro del Parco, Polverigi, Italy

10 July 2000 part of Inteatro (XXIII International Festival)

More About The Show

Thanks to Franco Balducci, Major of Polverigi, to Centro Sociale of Rustico and to all those who shared their dancing memories.

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