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FOOD (può contenere tracce di…) is Protein and Marche Teatro‘s remounted Italian version of May Contain Food May Contain You.

Have you ever been swayed by the packaging of a new, organic product? Is it better to buy locally? Or maybe you should you be a vegetarian?
Guests are invited to bring a dish and sit at decorated tables whilst their charming and multi-talented hosts for the evening win your affections, with a playful mix of dance, song and humour.

Click here for La Stampa’s preview of FOOD in Turin (in Italian).

Running time: 90 minutes with interval

#FOOD #ProteinDance


“Silvestrini has given me a sensorial and participatory experience which included both sharing and meditation […] With lightness, you can access the darkest aspects of food and eating.”
PAC magazine di arte e culture, Silvia Albanese
A round table with a white cloth has a variety of fruits and vegetables laid across it. In the middle there are some clear glasses
A young boy in a white and red checkered shirt sits at a round table. A performer dressed as a waiter from Protein's FOOD talks to the boy. In the background there are more guests at tables and a female photographer.
A performer from Protein's FOOD has a look of disgust on his face. He is hunched over a table with both his arms out in front of him. Around his are other tables with guests sat at them.
A male performer from Protein's FOOD is dressed in a white shirt and black suit trousers. He has his left hand over a female performers mouth. She wears a black skirt, a white blouse and black waistcoat. Her hand is also over the other performers mouth. They use their other hand to try pull the hands away from their mouths. They struggle over a white, round table.
A scene from Protein's food. Guests sat at round tables with white table cloths look towards the center where two performers lean with their right arms over their heads to opposite sides of the table.
Two performers dressed as waiters from Protein's FOOD stand at opposite sides of a round table. There are various kitchen utensils on it. They have both arms raised up to the sky in an L shape.
A scene from Protein's Food. The main focus is a performer kicking their left left up with their right hand stretched directly forwards. Out of focus are audience members sat at round tables.
A male and female performer from Protein's FOOD lean their heads back whilst arching their backs. Their both dressed in white shirts and black waistcoats. The male holds a red apple in the females mouth, she also holds a red apple in his mouth as she grabs his right shoulder with her left hand.
A male performer from Protein's food holds a cauliflower behind his head with his left hand. He holds a bunch or green and red grapes in his right hand which is stretched forward. Next to him is a female performer. She holds a lemon in her right arm raised above her head. She holds a large red pepper in her left hand that goes under his right. Their silhouettes can be seen on the white background.


Virginia Scudeletti

Simone Donati

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Music composed by
Directed by
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Lighting design by
Assistant to the Director
Music Director
Associate Directors
Production Manager and Re-lighter
Per la versione italiana
Allestimento tecnico
Costumi e oggetti di scena
Tecnico di compagnia
Tour Manager
Direttore di produzione
Assistente alla produzione
Comunicazione e ufficio stampa
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Tour History

Chiesa San Michele, Montemonaco, Italy

25 September 2018

Palazzetto Sport Lorenzo Chiurbioni, Comunanza, Italy

24 September 2018

Enoteca Regione Marche, Offida, Italy

23 September 2018

Teatro Communale, Castignano, Italy

22 September 2018

Tensostruttura Parco Rio, Acquasanta Terme, Italy

22 September 2018

Teatro Parrocchiale, Matignano, Italy

19 & 20 September 2018

Teatro Parrocchiale SS Simone e Giuda, Ascoli Peceni, Italy

18 September 2018

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