(In)visible Dancing

Year of Production


(In)visible Dancing is an emergent, participatory performance combining the idea of a ‘flash mob’ with a show that is performed and developed over a period of one or two weeks. It has been presented to major festivals in the UK, Ireland and Italy and has been seen by over 159,000 people since 2010.

At a time when so much divides us, (In)visible Dancing aims to bring together different community strands, from apprentices to local performers and everyday people, to reconnect them with their high street and each other.

Surprising and seemingly impromptu bursts of dance pop-up on high streets, crossroads and squares, culminating in a large-scale finale by performers, live musicians and passers-by who have learned the steps.

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“Thank you for the emoting experience and bringing together so many cultures. Dance is for everyone.”
Audience member
“Audiences don’t have to seek it out. It happens where they are. And I think that is the major, major benefit of the project. It really does have a big impact and that’s what I’ve been really pleased about… They are so dedicated. You get 100% from them. They really, really want to make it work."
Katherine Woodvine, Kingston upon Thames Arts Office
"Absolutely wonderful. An inspiration for all ages and cultures"
Audience member
a person standing on a black roader stopper with their arms up, with a large crowed behind them


Jon Beney

Thomas Goodwin

Miranda Mac Letten

Jonathan Mewett

Rachele Rapisardi

Fania Grigoriou

Neus Gil Cortes

PJ Hurst

Yuyu Rau

Patsy Ashford

Valentina Golfieri

Maria Fonseca

Chris Knight

Production Credits

Conceived and Directed by
Original concept by
Devised and performed by
Protein’s Project Managers
Film makers
Photos by
Commissioned and originally produced by

Tour History

Powis Street & General Gordon Square, Woolwich Town Centre, London

25 July-4 August 2019

Wellington Square, Stockton-on-Tees

1-5 August 2018 part of SIRF2018

Jameson Street, Hull

21 June – 1 July 2017 part of UK City of Culture 2017

The Cascades, Bristol

11-16 July 2016 part of Dance Village, Bristol Harbour Festival

The Parade, Canterbury

20-26 August 2016 part of bOing! Festival

Southgate Street, Bath

3 June–14 June 2014

Queen Street, Cardiff

18–28 June 2014

The Parade, Canterbury

6-13 July 2014

Rovereto, Italy as part of Festival Oriente Occidente

30 August–6 September 2014

Coventry City Centre

25–29 July 2012 part of the Cultural Olympiad

Southend-on-Sea High Street, Essex

27 June–7 July 2012

Kingston-upon-Thames High Street

6-16 June 2012

Doncaster Frenchgate Shopping Centre, Doncaster

24 May–2 June 2012

Dublin Grafton Street, Dublin

13-20 May 2012 part of the Dublin Dance Festival


April-May 2010 part of International Dance Festival Birmingham

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