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Capturing the importance of sunlight during the lockdown period, 152 contributors from around the world share ‘The Sun Inside’ their homes in Protein’s participatory dance film. 

‘While adapting to a new life, we have been searching for and following the sun inside our homes; through windows and doors, in our gardens, front door steps and balconies, rays of sunlight have been framing spots of comfort and reflection, creating shadows and other intricate designs.’
Luca Silvestrini

Following the two-year anniversary of the film’s premiere, The Sun Inside is now available for FREE. Please consider a DONATION to support the future of Protein:

Contributors were invited to use digital video recording devices such as mobile phones or digital cameras to interact with the sunlight coming into their homes and bringing physical and emotional warmth as well as a sense of connection with the rest of the world and with others at a time when social interactions were brought to a stop.

See the individual contributions.

Winner of Best Musical/Dance Film at Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA) in December 2020 and shortlisted for the Fifth Wall Fest Competition 2020.


The Sun Inside featured as part of the Protein 21 Reimagine programme, re-imagining the original film made by Protein and Roswitha Chesher in 2008 during a residency at Evelina Children’s Hospital.   

Running time: 11mins

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"Lightness and warmth. I felt free to send tiny ideas, certain that you will create a beautiful something."
"The sense of community shines as bright as anything the sky has to offer."
The Scotsman
"A chance to play, to pause, to catch a reflection, to bring the outside inside and the inside outside."
"I felt grateful for taking some time for me, to dance (quarantine with children.. no time at all!). This short video represents to me a mix of feelings I've been experienced: desire to go out and to remain home safely; will to take rays of sunlight and positivity inside of me; desire to lay down at the sun."
"I thought about how it would be to be free again."
"I really needed to involve myself in something meaningful for me and I needed something that made me feel closer to other people after all this time. Making the videos, thinking that other people around the world where doing the same research as me, made me feel connected and excited."

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“Heartfelt thanks and congratulations to all our contributors for sharing their beautiful and inspiring creations with us.  It has been a joy entering into their worlds, making them meet and live together in one piece of collective art.  We wish to dedicate The Sun Inside to all those affected by Covid19 around the world.”
Luca, Roswitha and Andy



Name (filming location)

Beth Ackroyd (Lincoln, UK), Tanisha Addicott (London, UK), Razan Al-jamal (Leicester, UK), Elizabeth Arifien (London, UK), Vár Bech Árting and Lisa Chearles (Leeds, UK), Dan Baines (Brinkworth, Wiltshire, UK), Ione Barton (Rawdon, UK), Jessica Bennett (Bristol, UK), Carolina Bergonzoni (Vancouver, BC, Canada), Joanne Bernard (Erith, UK), Claire Bertaud with Dominique and Fortunata (London, UK), Belinda Bligh (London, UK), Lizzy Bolwell (Isle of Wight, UK), Claudia Bona (Milan, Italy), Emma Bouch (Mansfield Woodhouse, UK), Helga Brandt with Micky Lyne (Bournemouth, UK), Donna Brenchley (Colchester, UK), Phoebe Brown (Hampton, UK), Silvia Caccavale (Rome, Italy), Maria Cassar (London, UK), Laura Castoldi (Castello Cabiaglio, Varese, Italy), Lisa Chearles (Leeds, UK), Roswitha Chesher (London, UK), Sophie Catherine Chinner and Oscar Adams (Oxford, UK) Petra Comaschi with Davide and Gatta (the cat) (Turin, Italy), Veronika Coufalová (London, UK), Mary Cox (Croydon, UK), Dominic and Claire Crowley (London, UK), Silvia D’Andrea and Stella Leslie Young (Milan, Italy), John Darvell (Newbury, UK), Laura Delfini and Valeria Milillo (Rome, Italy), Anna Dighero (London, UK), Shaun Dillon (Sutton, UK), Karenza Doughty (Croydon, UK), Martina Ferraioli (Ancona, Italy), Kate Flatt (Watford, UK), Christina Fulcher (London, UK), Monica Galassi (Milan, Italy), Katherine Gaukroger (Bures, UK), Di Gooding (Brampton, Suffolk, UK), Bar Groisman (Cambridge, UK), Gilly Hanna (London, UK), Amy Harrison (Stoke on Trent, UK), Sally Hendry (Glasgow, UK), Mel and Ben Horwood (Henstead, UK), Elona Hughes-Dennis (Calderdale, UK), Hayley Izzard filmed by Alex Davies (Leamington Spa, UK), Emma James (Ladendorf, Austria), Nancy Mariette Jimison (London, UK), Christine Johnson (Sheffield, UK), Emma Johnson (Bristol, UK), Stella Joseph (London, UK), Annie Kelleher and her dog Hattie (Ipswich, UK), Emmy Lahouel (Manchester, UK), Hayley Lemon (Essex, UK), Paola Leoni and Giovanni Silveri (Milan, Italy), Rachel Li (London, UK), Sara Luciani (Rome, Italy), Valentina Lupia (Genova, Italy), Flavia Malim (London, UK), Carlotta Mandrioli (Bologna, Italy), Michela Marchesich, Pearl, Anais, Robin, Henna and Judah Markland filmed by Janine Markland (Lincoln, UK), Kristen Mastromarchi (Bologna, Italy), Lyn Matthews and Brian (East Bergholt, UK), Lisa Mccabe (Middlesbrough, UK), Shawn McCrory (Potters Bar, UK), Effie McGuire Ward (Milton Keynes, UK), Kane John Mills (Plymouth, UK), Eva, José, and Clara Mora González and Jose Miguel Mora García (Alicante, Spain), Joe Morris (Chester, UK), Anna Mortimer (Melton, Suffolk, UK), Andy Newman (London, UK), Mette Nilsen (Leeds, UK), Silvia Ortolan (Villarbasse, Turin, Italy), Amy O’Sullivan (Lincoln, UK), Sophie Page (Leamington Spa, UK), Antonio Pagliarulo (Blevio, Italy), Eleni Papaioannou and Maria Mallidou (Athens, Greece), Beatrice Perini (London, UK), Flavia Ravera (Turin, Italy), Luella Rebbeck (York, UK), Emily Robinson (Port Talbot, UK), Diego Robirosa (Sudbury, Suffolk, UK), Monica Sandrin (Ankaran, Slovenia), Tosca Saracini (Milan, Italy), Liz Searle (Sheffield, UK), Silvia Sfligiotti (Valleggia (VB), Italy), Sasha and Mia Shorten (Saffron Walden, UK), Jeanette Siddall (Ipswich, UK), Luca Silvestrini (London, UK), Sue and John Sinclair (Ipswich, UK), Jasmin Sisti (Lausanne, Switzerland), Becky Smithson (Warmsworth, UK), Yuvel Soria (South Tyneside, UK), Luke Speddings (Sheffield, UK), Sara Spluga (Milan, Italy), Simon and Stacey Sterrow (Bury St Edmunds, UK), Otto and Edison Stickland (Bristol, UK), Suzanne Tarlin filmed by Andy Newman (London, UK), Kenneth Tharp (London, UK), Maria Thomas/De Laurentiis (Milan, Italy), Natalia Thorn Coe (Cambridge, UK), Romina Thornton (Halifax, UK), Lucia Tong and Yaman Tong Satis (London, UK), Florence Tourne (Windermere, UK), Martha and Eva Tribe (Wimborne, UK), Tammy Tsang (Leeds, UK), Francesca Urban (Mogliano Veneto (TV), Italy), Margaret Williamson (Ipswich, UK), Rachel Wise and Meili Li (Hamburg, Germany), Sue Wright (Watford, UK), Marilyn Wyers (Bognor Regis, UK), Franca Zagatti (Bologna, Italy), Lisa-Sofia Ziemann (Leicester, UK), Anna Zordan (Cogollo Del Cengio, Vicenza, Italy), Polina Zotova (Surrey, UK), Jemma Mae (Sheffield/Leeds, UK), Nandu, Bethany, Scout with support from Helen Linsell from Dance United Yorkshire (UK) 

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