Marking Protein’s 21st anniversary in 2020
with a three-part thematic programme:
Reimagine, Reflect and Remix

“It’s a very special time at Protein and we live in a very special time. Today, more than ever, art, culture have a fundamental role to play in reminding us all of our innate creativity as human beings. This digital phase is intended as a positive, forward-thinking response to the current restrictions and we are delighted to reach out and continue to connect with our people and beyond. Thanks to all the performers, collaborators, promoters and friends for their help in reimagining, reflecting and remixing our history into the future.”

Luca Silvestrini


Reimagine sees groups of all ages creating new dance works in response to Protein’s repertoire.


Reflect zones in on people who have been associated with the company since the start.


Remix Series brings back historical works onto the digital stage.

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