Remix Series launched with broadcast of Border Tales

Protein’s Remix Series launched on 7 May 2020 with the broadcast of our smash-hit commentary on multicultural Britain seen through the eyes of an international cast: Border Tales.

Thank you to everyone who streamed Border Tales via The Place Online. The show had 1,374 views in only 24 hours and had people watching from as far away as Colombia, the United States and Taiwan.


“A well-thought-out, beautifully performed and poignant piece of theatre which will always be relevant”
The Upcoming

“A seamless blend of humour and rage, words and actions, isolation and togetherness”
Reviews Hub

“An interesting and relevant piece”
Number 9


Watch this space for further broadcasts coming soon!

In order to support our artists in these difficult times, Protein will be passing the entire broadcast fee to them. Thank you for supporting Protein.

The Remix Series is part of Protein 21 which marks the company’s 21st birthday in 2020 with a three-part thematic programme: Remix, Reflect and Reimagine.




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