The Little Prince

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A story of love and friendship for children and grown-ups alike.

Welcome to the incredible story of the Little Prince, retold in this live show by a pilot stranded in the desert.

Nominated for Best Modern Choreography at National Dance Awards, 2021
Winner of the Fantastic for Families Best Family Event Award, 2020

Find out how the Little Prince leaves behind his own tiny asteroid and beloved rose and journeys through the universe, coming face to face with the baffling world of grown-ups! Have you ever heard of a king who reigns over nothing? Or a businessman obsessively counting stars?

Once on planet Earth, the Little Prince is welcomed by a mysterious snake and a truly wise and friendly fox before encountering the lone pilot. Together they discover the power and beauty of friendship and the complexity of love.

Based on the world-famous story by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince is brought to life using Protein’s award winning mix of dance, humour, singing and spoken word. With an original score by Frank Moon, design by Yann Seabra, video design by Daniel Denton and lighting by Jackie Shemesh, Protein’s new show invites us to look at the world through one’s heart and to reconnect with our inner child.

Running time: 70 minutes

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"St-Exupéry’s enigmatic tale [...] delivered with quirky charm. Prendergast is touchingly excellent in the title role"
The Observer
"An artful piece of children’s entertainment without sacrificing adult appeal"
The Times
"A packed house of Ipswich schoolchildren was enthralled from start to finish"
The Stage
"Among the most inventive and ingenious mini-masterpieces you are likely to see this year"
The Reviews Hub
"Luca Silvestrini’s The Little Prince fills the eye and the heart"
Culture Whisper
"Utterly enchanting"
London Living Large
"Magically appeals to every age group"
Greenwich Visitor
"A universe of imaginative ideas"
Seeing Dance
The Little Prince lunges between two white balls. He is gazing upwards with his mouth open. He is wearing a khaki green, buttoned-up suit. In the center a single rose has a plastic bubble around it and the pilot is stood on the ground to the left.
Protein's The Little Prince leaps in the air with legs and arms stretched out wide. He is yawning and wearing a khaki green, buttoned-up suit. In the background, the pilot is sitting on a stool yawning and stretching.
The Little Prince is standing with his hands on his hips. He is dressed in a long blue coat, with gold buttons and a gold belt. The shoulder pads have a gold star on top. The pilot is holding his sketch book looking towards the audeince. He is wearing brown trousers, a beige shirt with brown suspenders. On the right hand side there is a ball with a projection of a sheep with horns wearing glasses.
The Snake from Protein's The Little Prince kneels on the floor. She is wearing long gold gloves and a short sleeved snack print coat. The background is a brown back drop with a single white ball on the right hand side.
The King from Protein's The Little Prince has a large yellow collar around his neck and a pink and blue crown which has a purple throne on top. He is pointing towards audience members.
The Pilot holds The Little Prince on his shoulder. The Little Prince imitates a plane and has both his arms out to the side. He wears a long blue coat with gold details. In the back a white drawing of earth is projected on a light blue background.
A vine of white flowers are projected on the background. The main focus is the fox from Protein's The Little Prince. He is dressed in a plaid jacket. and wasitcoat He leans against a white ball and has his right leg is raised in attitude.


Karl Fagerlund Brekke

Luis Dunn

Andrew Gardiner

Kip Johnson

Donna Lennard

Simon Palmer

Faith Prendergast

Luke Speddings

Emily Thompson-Smith

Chiara Vinci

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Pilot character originally devised by
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Lighting design by
Video design by
Associate video design by
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Stage Manager
Tour booker
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More About The Show

“All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince or Le Petit Prince was first published in April 1943 and is the most famous work of French writer and pioneering aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The well-loved story is one of the most-translated books in the world and has been voted the best book of the 20th century in France.

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