ANCT Award Winner 2020!

Protein is thrilled to announce that Luca Silvestrini has been awarded Premio della Critica 2020 from the Associazione Nazionale Critici di Teatro in Italy!

The ANCT Awards 2020 intend to bring attention and celebrate the vitality of the sector, heavily penalised by the pandemic, and to encourage and appreciate the work of artists, directors, writers and everyone involved in the making of theatre work.

Luca felt honoured to collect the award on stage at Marche Teatro in Ancona, Italy, following a performance of Protein’s The Little Prince on Sunday 12 December 2021.

“Luca Silvestrini’s style of dance theatre combines choreography, text, humour and social commentary to present the everyday in revealing and subversive ways, on- and off-stage, and expresses a renewed sensitivity towards disability in the broad sense of the term, to diversity, to loneliness and shows how much desire there is to feel part of a community by working and creating together and in the latter period even at a distance.”
Guilio Baffi, president of ANCT

“I am delighted and honoured to have received this prestigious award from my country of origin, Italy. This is a wonderful climax to Protein’s year-long 21st anniversary celebrations, and it’s a great testimony to everything the company has achieved so far. As well as thanking ANCT for their commitment to celebrating our industry at a moment of great challenge and uncertainty, I wish to thank all Protein’s Italian partners and audiences, in particular Marche Teatro for their ongoing and invaluable support.”  
Luca Silvestrini

Watch the award ceremony broadcasted from Teatro Mercadante in Naples, Italy:

Recorded via Facebook Live on Saturday 5 December 2020
Luca’s segment is at 10 minutes 22 seconds

Header image: Luca with the cast of Dimore (2012) in Turin, Italy

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