Creola Reunion

As part of our 21st anniversary celebrations, Luca Silvestrini has reunited with some of the participants that took part in Protein’s first intergenerational community project 20 years ago. 

Creola, commissioned and produced by Inteatro (Marche Teatro), Italy, put together a cast of 31 participants, aged 9 to 79, from the villages of Rustico and Polverigi. During a month residency, the then co-Artistic Directors, Luca Silvestrini and Bettina Strickler, created an entertaining yet moving evening of dance theatre mixing personal stories, social dancing and local traditions.

For most of the participants, this was their first time in front of an audience and they still regard the experience as as unique and transformative. Creola launched the company’s participatory strand and started a series of large scale intergenerational projects that brought Luca to develop similar experiences across Europe and Japan. 

This is also an opportunity to celebrate our long term connection with Inteatro who presented Protein’s Portrait with Group and Duck, 1999, Duel, 2000, and FOOD, 2019 as part of their annual festival. 

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