Remix series continued with broadcast of LOL (lots of love)

The Remix Series continued on 25 June 2020 with Protein’s poignant and witty piece on rewiring romance in the digital age: LOL (lots of love)

Thank you to everyone who streamed the show presented by DanceEastThe Place and Marche Teatro.

We are delighted by the wonderful feedback recieved from both new and returning audiences.

The Upcoming

“Illuminating, interesting and highly enjoyable show put together with talent and skill.”
Number 9

Next in Protein’s online series is Dear Body , a witty satire on our ever growing fixation with body image and body care on Thursday 9 July from 7pm.

In order to support our artists in these difficult times, Protein will be passing the entire broadcast fee to them. Thank you for supporting Protein.

The Remix Series is part of Protein 21 which marks the company’s 21st birthday in 2020 with a three-part thematic programme: Remix, Reflect and Reimagine.

#Protein21 #LOLlotsoflove

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